My Top 3 Apps For Your Littles

Being born in the 80’s and seeing the boom in technology over all these years, it’s pretty incredible how much it’s advanced. Sure, there’s no flying cars that travel through time like Back to The Future suggested but we’ve come a long way!

I mean, do you remember when it was cool to have a pager or when the sidekick was a hit? Or, how about texting on a flip phone! That was something wasn’t it? My kids would probably look at those things and have no clue what it was for. But oh, hand them an iPad and they’ll have it on lock in two minutes flat. The irony I tell ya.

The thing is technology is meant to work for us and we can still make sure our kids are getting wholesome value out of today’s technology. For that reason, today I’m giving you My Top 3 Apps for your Littles.

I’m listing them here for you, in no particular order:


This app has a super kid-friendly interface that has vibrant colors and large touch controls.


This lets your little easily navigate through selecting their favorite shows, playing full episodes, pausing video, and making the video play full screen. Plus, PBS Kids adds a new video every week!


I really love the parents side bar where you can see what will air on your local station, get detailed info on what each show is about, and also be able to favorite your child’s shows.

Our little ones love it and I can always feel good about the programs they’re watching. I have also seamlessly streamed the video onto our Apple TV, and it’s also compatible to stream to Chromecast. Some of the popular shows you can expect to find on PBS Kids Video are:

  • Sesame Street
  • Peg + Cat
  • Thomas & Friends, among many others.


Best of all, this app is completely FREE. To download it to your smartphone or tablet click here.


This app is a collaboration between YouVersion and One Hope.  They are both dedicated to providing interactive ways to read the Bible and especially in reaching the hearts of children.

Though this is recommended for children 5-8 we’ve found it’s actually a great way to start teaching your littles the stories of the Bible from an early age. We began using it with our littles by guiding them through the storybook and showing them it’s really cool animated features.


It also plays awesome sounds and music that help keep them engaged and interested. However,  if you prefer to read aloud to your littles instead, there is an option to mute the sound.


SInce we’ve started using the Bible App for Kids our little one has shown real interest and is beginning to better understand the stories of the Bible. It warms my heart to see her now sharing it with her brother and trying to teach him the stories too.


The Bible App for Kids is also a FREE app as well and can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, and Kindle by clicking here.

And last, but certainly not least, we come to our final app in my Top 3.


This app is so awesome! It teaches your little the letters through an animated word game. The intro itself immediately draws you in with animated creatures in a parade, so cute and right from the start grabs your littles attention! Your little can then explore the different letters and browse over tons of different words.

Each word is displayed and then gets literally pummeled by the cute characters so the letters of the word are jumbled up all across the screen. Then your little will place the jumbled letters back in their proper place by placing their finger on the letter and dragging it to it’s matching place. When they do the letters even come alive with wiggling and sounds of what the letter sounds like to help with enunciation.


Once your little puts all the letters in order it celebrates your littles hard work by cheering! Afterward, it continues on to describe the words definition through an animated clip and a narrator.


I absolutely love how there are no levels or keeping score in this app. It’s just pure fun and your little can be free to explore and not feel any pressure. Watching our little tot play this game has been so fun for us to as we watch her get excited about learning and seeing how it’s helped expand her vocabulary and love of reading. Her little brother even likes to join in now.


The Endless Alphabet app has a FREE version which allows you select access to letters and words. Your little can interact with it exactly in the same way as the full version just with a limited number of words. It’s still a ton of fun even in the free version, plus it’s a great way to get a feel for it’s capabilities.

I would suggest getting the free version first and letting your little try it out. If they love it then I’d highly recommend the full version($8.99). For access to the free app simply click here.

The developers of Endless Alphabet also have other apps like Endless Numbers, Endless Reader, and Endless Wordplay too that are worth a free try. You can find more information on those here.

So that wraps up My Top 3 Apps for your Littles. We certainly enjoy watching our littles grow in their love of learning and have access to quality programs. Even still we always want to try and encourage balance with some nice fresh air and getting outside to play. It is great to know though that as technology evolves and is inevitably a large part of our lives, we can teach our littles to grow up learning how to get the most out of it.

I hope this has been helpful to you and can add some good fun to your littles learning experience.

Do you have a favorite app for your littles? I’ll be updating this in the future and would love to know which apps for your littles you like best.


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