Jumpstart Your Day With This Secret Recipe

One of the things the husband is far better at than me is getting up in the morning. We’re talking rises-before-the-sun kind of a guy. Me, on the other hand, most days I’d need a solid 15 minutes to remember who I am. Though, I’ll tell you, my kids help refresh my memory pretty quick.

Once I was up though I’d still be in a fog, so I was determined to find something to help me get going on the right foot. After tons of research and trial and error I’m happy to report I’ve found my HG, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Plus, wait till I tell you all the great benefits I’ve had. But first let me walk you through what you’ll need.

All of the ingredients are easy to find at any local health food store and you may already have it on hand.

You’ll need:

  • 16 oz. cup
  • About 14oz. of water (I use alkaline water).
  • Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper (optional)

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I start first by adding 2tsp of Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and 1tbsp of Lemon Juice to the water.  The Lemon Juice I use is the Whole Foods store brand (365), but you could also use fresh lemon or use this trusted brand. I can’t believe I used to take straight shots of ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar)! I am so thankful I can just take this instead and have even more added benefits. Plus, this is much more palatable to me.


Next, I add in a dash of Himalayan Sea Salt and a couple dashes of Organic Cayenne Pepper. The sea salt I’ve added in due to it’s rich source of trace minerals.


The Cayenne pepper will give it a bit of a kick. If you’d prefer it not be spicy then feel free to leave that out. I add it in to help further support my digestion and kick up my metabolism.


Lastly, I add in one scoop of Turmeric. I use this one from MegaFoods.


I’ve used their products for a long time and they are amazing!!


Now that everything is added in just mix it really well and throw it down the hatchet. Just note, if you happen to be using cold water it will take a bit longer to mix. My preference is to use water that’s at room temperature.

I would describe the taste as a bit herbal. I don’t find the taste to be unpleasant but, if you want to mask taste I find adding ice does the trick.

It’s now been six consecutive weeks that I’ve been drinking this first thing in the morning, and in  that time I’ve experienced some really sweet perks, such as:

  • natural energy

  • improved immunity

  • better digestion & less bloating

  • improved symptoms of PMS

A bonus I wasn’t expecting was to lose 9 pounds! That sure was a nice surprise, especially since I haven’t worked out at all. Which reminds me, I need to get back to that. But hey, one step a time here, amiright?

To start off with just trying to find something to help with my energy and end up feeling this good in only six weeks; I have to say I’m pretty stoked about it!

Just a tiny disclaimer: If you are taking any meds; prescription or over-the-counter, or if you have a medical condition please talk to your doctor before starting to drink this. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, make sure to get the go ahead from your doctor as well.

I am nursing now and haven’t had any issue but it’s always better to be safe.

I’m really looking forward to see what the next six weeks will bring and if I’ll discover any added benefits. Would you like to join me to find out?

If you’re in, let me know in the comments. I’d love to do this with you!

Bottoms up & talk soon love.


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