My Top 3 Apps For Your Littles

Being born in the 80’s and seeing the boom in technology over all these years, it’s pretty incredible how much it’s advanced. Sure, there’s no flying cars that travel through time like Back to The Future suggested but we’ve come a long way!

I mean, do you remember when it was cool to have a pager or when the sidekick was a hit? Or, how about texting on a flip phone! That was something wasn’t it? My kids would probably look at those things and have no clue what it was for. But oh, hand them an iPad and they’ll have it on lock in two minutes flat. The irony I tell ya.

The thing is technology is meant to work for us and we can still make sure our kids are getting wholesome value out of today’s technology. For that reason, today I’m giving you My Top 3 Apps for your Littles. Continue reading

Jumpstart Your Day With This Secret Recipe

One of the things the husband is far better at than me is getting up in the morning. We’re talking rises-before-the-sun kind of a guy. Me, on the other hand, most days I’d need a solid 15 minutes to remember who I am. Though, I’ll tell you, my kids help refresh my memory pretty quick.

Once I was up though I’d still be in a fog, so I was determined to find something to help me get going on the right foot. After tons of research and trial and error I’m happy to report I’ve found my HG, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Plus, wait till I tell you all the great benefits I’ve had. But first let me walk you through what you’ll need. Continue reading

A Letter To Aspiring Bloggers

Hi Love!

I want to share with you a story about a little girl who had tremendous dreams and hopes so high you’d think she would undoubtedly leave a mark on this world. But then she grew older and she felt rejection for the first time, and after that her heart was broken. Then later she would be told she couldn’t or shouldn’t, or that it was time to grow up and get a real job.

Those dreams and hopes that once filled her heart were now shoved so far back it was hard to even really remember them. Now all that was left were tremendous fears and walls so high no one could even see where it ended.Do you, or have you ever resonated with this girl?

I think there are so many of those little girls hidden inside grown women walking all around this world. Are you one of them?

Continue reading